… so you can move people to climate action,
scale your impact, and do it quickly.

‘Cause in climate tech, fast is not fast enough. And this is an all-hands-on-deck emergency.

Copywriting & Strategy For Climate Tech

A selection of clients I've been privileged to help:

Your tech is impactful, innovative, and inspiring

Maybe even FOAK.
(It certainly has more than a splash of future-defining potential) –

But that’s not enough.

Your market positioning matters. If you don’t effectively communicate the value you provide in both the ‘save the planet’ and ‘business case’ frames, you’ll fail to scale. 

You and I know it's way past time to motivate action beyond business-as-usual.
But it's not easy to educate your market about what you do in a way that's easily understood, without oversimplifying the scientific language that's fundamental to what you do.
I can help you with that.

I’m Meg –

A botanist turned climate tech marketer who understands the science.

I work freelance and fractionally as a writer and messaging consultant who helps climate tech, nature tech, and food tech brands get more visibility, communicate their value, and stand out as category leaders.

My specialty is in crafting messaging and brand language strategies that align with your mission and resonate with your target audience.

So you can focus on solving big problems, instead of worrying whether your messaging is hitting the mark.

There's no time for guessing games — let's get your brand messaging done right.

Every project is different, but the big-picture approach doesn’t change.


Brand Messaging & Language Frameworks

A blueprint of the essence of your brand. Know exactly what to say, how to say it, and who you're saying it to. Show up with a voice that resonates and achieve that oh-so-important know, like, and trust factor.

Website Copywriting

An effective website does more than look pretty. It’s the face of your brand and a window into your ecosystem. And together we can make it into a 24/7 climate-action advocate.

Email Marketing

Communicate your value through targeted, but friendly-and-fun-to-read emails your audience will actually engage with. Turn subscribers into devoted fans — the kinds who’ll tell trusted colleagues about you.

Authority-Building Content

Showcase your thought leadership and your best customer success stories. (And get found on Google.) I’ll help you map out and bring to life a content strategy that drives prospects closer to the “yes.”

You’re solving some of the world’s most urgent problems. Let me stress about the right words — so you don’t have to.

A few of the certifications & credentials I bring to the table:

When you work with me,
you get more than
just a writer for hire

01 Copywriter

Who knows how to structure a page that triggers the desired behavior.

02 Strategist

I look at the big picture, find an opportunity, and use it to get you the best results.

03 Project Leader

Rest easy. I’m sweatin’ the details – and checking in regularly.

04 Scientist

Your project is safe in the hands of someone who gets it.

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