The Trip


AKA process – this is what happens when we work together

(& some detail on the services I offer)

A four-step, phased approach to get you the best possible outcome


An audit of your current atmosphere — AKA your brand and positioning — and the market at large.


We’ll define your key messages, dial in your strategy, and determine how to best communicate to your ICP.


Where we develop and document a resonant brand language system using the PETAL framework.


Time to get visible with your voice & message in the market, and scale up your save-the-planet efforts.

PETAL™ is the framework I use to define your brand language system and bring your messaging to life –

so you can be consistent in your marketing and standout in the minds of your audience


Your pace, rhythm, and flow. Also known as your cadence. Is your writing short, crisp, and to the point? Or is it rich and unhurried — a nod to the natural world you aim to preserve, and on which we rely to survive and thrive?


What do you evoke in your audience? When they land on your website… when they open your emails… what do you want them to feel? Do you aim to ease their overwhelm – or play into their anger and alarm?


This is the way you say things. Whether you lead with light-heartedness or tend toward the pragmatic — your tone sets the mood and makes a lasting impression on your audience. Choose it carefully.


Think tone… but bigger. Your messaging, design, graphics & photos, how you show up in your space (be it podcasts, conferences, whathaveyou) — it allllllll works together to build your atmosphere.


The words you use, from your signature phrasing to the specific terminology unique to your brand (or your industry). And perhaps more important — what wouldn’t you say?

One-off packages

The audit

This is for you if you know your brand presence needs work, but you need a jumping off point.

You want someone to tell you:

• What’s working (is your messaging clear?)
• What’s not (do you sound like everyone else in your space?)
• How to prioritize all 5,892 marketing tasks gathering dust in your Notion workspace (🥲)

An audit of your current atmosphere, including your:

- Website’s core pages
- Overall messaging
- Brand voice
- Value prop & positioning
- Content strategy
- Visibility & engagement
- Marketing opportunities

BONUS: A competitive analysis to determine gaps in your category’s messaging landscape

Investment: $1250

The Brand Voice Finder

A targeted workshop to help you uncover and define your brand's unique tone and personality.

Get to the core of who you are and get specific about how you want to be perceived.

• Infuse your brand comms with a personality that's true to your values
• Sound different from everyone else in your category
• Build trust with your audience through a consistent and likable experience

A 1–2 hour workshop where we'll get hyper-specific about the language and tones you use and why. Clients call this process "transformative."

You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of your brand than you thought possible — and an actionable language system framework that gives you an overview of how you can show up consistently with a distinct voice that resonates.

Investment: $1500

The Brand Messaging and Positioning Guide

This is a comprehensive guide that outlines all foundational positioning, messaging, and brand language elements.

Use it to align your team on how to communicate your key messages to your ICP, and to inform all your content and copywriting initiatives.

A living Google doc (primed for regular updates) filled to the brim with the details on the building blocks of your messaging, a tone and style analysis, and a proprietary breakdown using the PETAL framework.

As a starting point, your guide includes your brand’s…

- Story
- Vision
- Mission
- Voice
- Key phrases
- USP & elevator pitch
- Core benefits
- Objections
- Customer personas
-( & ideal messages for each)

Investment: $2500
specialty services

Brand Language Strategy

Get a brand language framework to build a consistent customer experience, sound different from everyone else in your category, and help your writers get content right on the first go-round.


A website that pulls its weight is built around strategic messaging, aligns with your most important business goals, and integrates smoothly with your other marketing initiatives.


From market research-informed editorial calendars to content marketing that hits the right motivational triggers, I’ll work closely with your team to deliver meaningful stories and value to your readers.

Your writer & strategist

Meg Kendall

I help climate tech, nature tech, and food tech brands get more visibility, communicate their value, and stand out as category leaders.


AKA: the add-ons

Long-Form Content Strategy & Writing

Actually useful articles, whitepapers, and e-books: showcase your credibility, build your authority, & please the search engine Gods

Starting at $550

Email Marketing

(The pleasant, helpful kind that people actually like to read)

User onboarding, nurture sequences, sales and feature launch campaigns

Starting at $1400

Case Studies

Your best customer success stories transformed into compelling content assets

Landing Pages & Sales Pages

For your campaign-specific needs

Starting at $1800
Starting at $650

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