Why you shouldn’t just “take care of” your climate tech messaging strategy internally

I know, I know. Nobody knows your tech like you and your team.

Why would you outsource?

Taking care of your climate tech brand messaging strategy (not to mention your website copywriting) internally would save you money, yah? And when you consider that you know your tech as if it were your own baby, ‘cause quite frankly, it is – it kind of seems like keeping this stuff in-house would undoubtedly get you better results… right?

But here’s the thing:

You can’t read the label from inside the jar.

What you think your customers want to hear, probably isn’t what they actually want to hear

You are not your target audience. You’ll focus on all the things YOU believe are most valuable about your product. And that’s great. Those things are valuable.

But the way you speak about those things… I can almost guarantee it’s not the same way your customers speak about them. And if you’re not talking about the problem your product solves in the same way your customers are – the messaging will not resonate.

You’re too close. You’re inside the jar.

But an experienced copywriter? They’ll know exactly how to build a messaging strategy that not only speaks to the essence of your tech but also resonates with your target market. When you hire a professional (bonus points if they have expertise in your niche) – you can rest assured they have a process that enables them to:

  1. Dig deep into the minds of your prospects
  2. Get results

Just because you could do it yourself, doesn’t mean you should

Getting an experienced, outside perspective on your work, your business, your core messages, your offer… it brings to light all the little things you’re missing. And besides. You’ve already done the hard work of developing a world-changing technology. You don’t need to do this part, too.

Here’s how I like to think about it:

  • You know your home better than anyone. But if you needed electrical work done – you’d call an electrician. (Unless, of course, you are one.)
  • If you needed plumbing work done – you’d call a plumber.
  • And although nobody could possibly know your own body better than you do – I imagine if you needed a procedure done you’d seek out the best doctor your insurance will cover.

Investing in your messaging early on lays a fertile ground from which your other marketing efforts can grow

When you work with someone who specializes not only in the writing, but also the strategy – you can help ensure that what you present to market not only encapsulates your mission, but also sets the stage for impact and growth.


With your messaging strategy rooted in research and centered around a deep understanding of your target audience, you’ll know every content asset you produce is primed to resonate.


A well-defined messaging strategy provides guideposts on how to reinforce the same core messages across all channels – making you credible, and also memorable in the minds of your audience.


Strategy-backed messaging ensures you’re not just throwing words at the wall and hoping they’ll stick. Every piece of content produced will serve a purpose, and work toward reinforcing your brand image and advancing your overall business objectives.


Your messaging is foundational to the success of your business. And with a world-changing technology like yours – the stakes are high. Your success is crucial.

That’s something worth investing in.